January 31, 2022

Adven/Värmevärden receives investment support from Swedish Climate Leap for energy conversion project

Adven/Värmevärden is receiving investment support, “the Climate Leap”, from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency of SEK 40 million for an industrial energy conversion project in Kvarntorp. The project is aiming to convert the energy supply from fossil fuels to locally sourced bioenergy. The conversion will reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 8,500 tons per year.

Adven/Värmevärden will design, build, own and operate a new bio-based steam and hot air generation plant. The energy will be delivered as a service to a local industry, shifting the current thermal energy supply from fossil fuels to renewables. The new plant will be powered by local forest and sawmill residues – such as branches, saw dust and bark.

Due to the CO2 reductions, which are estimated at around 8,500 tons per year – equivalent to the emissions from around 3,000 diesel cars for one year – the project receives investment support from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency via the Climate Leap initiative.

“We are very happy to receive investment support for this project. In collaboration with the customer, we can now reduce the factory’s CO2 emissions – and make Swedish industry a little greener”, says Jonas Dyrke, Sales Project Development Manager at Adven/Värmevärden.  

The construction work began in October 2021 and the new energy plant is expected to be fully operational by the spring of 2023. Over the coming 15 years, Adven/Värmevärden will be responsible for delivering renewable energy to the factory in accordance with the company’s “Energy as a service” model.

For more information:

Jonas Dyrke, Sales Project Development Manager Adven/Värmevärden, +46 70 666 5225, jonas.dyrke@varmevarden.se

Klimatklivet – local climate investments.

Klimatklivet, or the Climate Leap, is a support granted by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The main aim of the Climate Leap initiative is to reduce the emissions that affect the climate. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has been commissioned, along with other central government agencies and the county administrative boards, to support local climate investments.

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