Adven to begin construction of a new wood chip boiler house in Vändra, Estonia

3rd July 2024
News General District heating

Adven will commence construction of a new wood chip boiler house in Vändra, Estonia in July. The boiler house, with a capacity of 0.85 megawatts, is planned to supply most of Vändra with heat by the spring of 2025.

Upon completion, Adven will utilize biomass as the primary fuel source in all its district heating boiler houses in Estonia. This initiative reflects Adven’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for Vändra’s residents through innovative and sustainable energy solutions. As construction begins this summer, the area will soon benefit from efficient and eco-friendly district heating. Previously, the boiler house relied on gas but had to switch to shale oil due to the energy crisis to ensure a stable supply and affordable heating.

“Using shale oil is not sustainable from the environment’s point of view and causes odor disturbances. We urgently need a stable and future-proof solution, which the new wood chip boiler house will also offer us in the long term,” says Madis Koit, mayor of Põhja-Pärnumaa municipality. 


The new boiler house will be fully automatic and with a closed fuel receiving node. “It improves the visual impression – the surroundings remain clean and there are no piles of wood chips,” says Raivo Melsas, Head of Customer Relations and Business Development.  He adds that Adven plans to procure most of the wood chips from local suppliers.

A modern biofuel-based boiler house increases the energy efficiency of the district heating service and allows us to achieve an efficient district heating certificate. “Over the next three years, we also plan to renovate the network associated with the boiler house so that the district heating area becomes even more efficient,” Melsas says. 

The new boiler house will provide room heat to 240 apartments in Vändra township. Additionally, it will heat the post office, kindergarten, and rural municipality government.