Adven expands to the Netherlands – Energy as a Service model to accelerate sustainability efforts

5th November 2021
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As a part of its strategy to expand outside the Nordics and the Baltics, Adven now enters the Dutch market. With Adven’s focus on sustainability and its vast experience in energy efficiency, the company aims to accelerate the Dutch industrial energy transition and contribute to reduced carbon emissions.

The Netherlands is Adven’s first market outside of the Nordic and the Baltic countries. Victor Donselaar, the mastermind behind the market entry, explains that one of the reasons for going into the Netherlands at this time is a that there is an increased political focus on sustainable energy in the country.

– The Dutch government has decided to cut the dependency on their own natural gas resources, which creates a momentum for change. For instance, there is a big push towards electrification right now. We are in a good position to help enable and accelerate the energy transition that will be required in the Dutch industry in the coming years.

The Nordic heritage an asset

The Dutch economy is one of the strongest in the world, but when it comes to the reduction of the CO2 emissions, the efforts are far behind the Nordic countries for example. For this reason, the Dutch government has implemented additional CO2 tariffs on top of ETS, which will increase the need to invest in solutions that reduce CO2 emissions. Victor Donselaar, himself a Dutch native, points out that Adven’s Nordic heritage, its focus on sustainability and its track record of successful energy efficiency implementations, will be valuable in assisting the Dutch industry.

– This transition will require capital, manpower, and expertise that might not be the core business of many of the industrial companies in the Netherlands. Adven can play a major role as a long-term partner for these companies when it comes to energy production, energy efficiency, thermal recovery, and water solutions. We have a strong track record of delivering these services to companies in the food and beverage and chemicals sectors, Donselaar comments.

Donselaar also points out that Adven’s Energy as a Service model is well suited for the challenges that Dutch industry will be facing in the coming years.

– Energy and CO2 projects often have a lower return on investment or longer payback times compared to other investments, and therefore they are often not prioritized enough. With Adven’s “Energy as a service” model, we make the investments and take the risks, which allows the companies to focus their capital and effort on their core activities of, for instance, research and innovation or expansion to new markets.

Expanding local capabilities

The work to recruit a team and build the local organization is currently under way. In order to succeed with its ambitious plans, Adven is currently searching for talented and ambitious technical and sales-oriented team players that want to be part of enabling the Dutch industrial energy transition and CO2 emission reduction. The new co-workers will be part of a global team which currently – given the current merger between Adven and Värmevärden – consists of 520 co-workers with a combined experience of 50 years. Together, the companies operate over 350 energy sites providing heating and cooling for municipalities, households, businesses, and complex energy solutions and services for industries and real estates in the Nordic and Baltic countries – and soon also in the Netherlands.

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