February 25, 2021

Adven brings the unique Energy as a Service model to Norwegian industry

Adven has been providing energy as a service for almost 40 years and today the company operates across the Nordic and Baltic countries. Adven expanded to Norway in 2016 with the first site in operations two years later. The customer, Biokraft, is running the world’s largest production site for LBG (liquefied biogas) and Adven is operating an MVR-evaporation plant that reduces the volume of reject water by 90%.

“Norway is known for its strong local business environment and for being in the forefront of sustainability. Through our service model, where we can contribute with unique competence in energy, water, and process solutions, we can strengthen local industries and their competitiveness. We have a unique market position in Sweden and Finland, and we see Norway as an important market going forward,” says CEO of Adven Norway and Sweden, Henrik Johansson Casimiro.

Adven is a leading provider of energy and water services in the Nordics and Baltics. With the Energy as a Service® model, Adven builds long-term partnerships with its customers. The solutions enable customers to minimize their environmental impact by eliminating the use of fossil fuels, recovering waste heat or reusing by-products for energy production.

In Norway the focus is to grow in the industrial segment, for which Adven offers solutions for the production of steam, heat, cooling water and water treatment. Processing solutions, such as the MVR-evaporation plant in operation at Biokraft, are also part of Adven’s key offering for industries.

“It is clear that Norwegian companies, especially within the food and beverage sector, want to be forerunners of sustainable and circular production. We look forward to putting those words into action,” says Clara Tamm, New business developer in Food & Beverage.

Adven has to date about 420 employees in the Nordics and Baltics providing energy as a service to the industrial and real estate sector.

“We will build a local organization organically as we enter new partnerships. There will also be cross-collaborations between Adven countries to share competence and ways of working, as we normally do in Adven,” says Andreas Lanneström, Head of industrial sales in Norway and Sweden.

Visit the local website: adven.no

For more information about our solutions and services in Norway, please contact:

Andreas Lanneström, Head of industrial sales Norway, andreas.lannestrom@adven.com, +467 2722 0096

Clara Tamm, New business developer Food & Beverage, clara.tamm@adven.com, +46 73 049 7968

Henrik Johansson Casimiro, CEO Adven Norway and Sweden, henrik.johanssoncasimiro@adven.com, +46 730 49 93 21

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