October 24, 2017

Adven acquires the local district heating network (Bio MegaWatt) in Southern Sweden

In September Adven and Bio MegaWatt agreed on an asset deal, whereby Adven acquires Bio MegaWatt’s local district heating network and its operations in Sösdala area, Southern Sweden. There is growth potential in the area and the goal is to develop the district heating operations in the municipality through expansion.

“District heating network in Sösdala is built during the 2010s. At the moment, there are large properties as a client but also individual households, explains Håkan Andersson, VD Adven Värme.

“The former owner has done such a great job in building the district heating operations and Adven will now continue the work. The aim is to expand operations in the municipality and get more properties to join the network. Adven has operations around Sweden but this is the first step to expanding our business into Skåne area, says Ilkka Niiranen, CEO Adven Sweden.

“Adven has expertise and experience that we were looking for and they will continue to deliver environmentally friendly and safe heating to the customers. This is an important aspect because district heating is a salient environmental project in the municipality, says Bio MegaWatt representative, Christer Ericsson.

For more information:

VD Adven Värme, Håkan Andersson, 070-248 56 93, hakan.andersson@adven.com

CEO Adven Sverige, Ilkka Niiranen, 072-722 55 80, ilkka.niiranen@adven.com

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