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Siilinjärvi municipality will move for modern district heating

In the future, even more industrial excess heat will be used in Siilinjärvi in heating of houses and buildings. Savon Voima and Adven have signed an agreement in which an even larger part of the excess heat from the production of Yara’s Siilinjärvi plants will be transferred to the district…

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Utilities District heating Energy production

Is it a good idea for municipalities to manage their own energy production, or should the money be directed elsewhere?

Several million euros are spent annually on municipalities’ energy production. Other uses could be found for this money, as many municipalities have many development projects to focus on. Municipalities that partner up in their energy production have more opportunities to influence their energy production and the cost of it, through…

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Adven acquires the energy production of forest industry company Pankaboard

Pankaboard, a manufacturer of special cartonboards in Eastern Finland, is selling its existing energy production equipment to Adven. Adven will supply the steam Pankaboard requires for its board production as a service. Pankaboard’s energy plant, which utilises renewable energy and has a capacity of approximately 33 megawatts, will represent one…

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Industries Utilities District heating

Outsourcing district heating benefits municipalities

Many municipal energy companies are currently looking into ways to develop the district heating system and their customer service to meet the needs of municipal residents while at the same time being faced with rising oil and natural gas prices. “Statutory tasks, i.e. education and social services, are at the…

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