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Industries Material and side stream recovery

The circular economy minimises waste – savings and revenue from side streams

Almost all industries produce side streams – raw materials, energy and chemicals – that go to waste after the manufacturing process. Today, these side streams can be harnessed for reuse or even processed further as new commodities with business value. In Adven’s ongoing sales projects side stream recovery is considered in…

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Industries Forest, Pulp & Paper Energy production

The collaboration with Adven enables major energy transition at Arctic Paper’s mill in Munkedal

Adven is starting construction of a new energy plant at Arctic Paper’s paper mill in Munkedal, Sweden.  The new cooperation will ensure a stable and competitive energy supply at the mill and drastically reduce the environmental impact. “We are happy that Adven wants to invest together with us. A secure…

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Industries Food & Beverage Energy production

Bio-based fuels will cut Valio’s Seinäjoki plant’s emissions by 15,000 tonnes a year

Adven’s new bio boiler plant at Valio’s Seinäjoki production site has been commissioned, bringing four megawatts of additional power to energy production. Increasing the use of bioenergy will reduce the plant’s use of fossil fuels, and CO2 emissions are cut by 15,000 tonnes a year. The amount corresponds to the…

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Industries Evaporation Energy production

Expert tips: three of the most common ways to recover heat from industrial processes

At Adven, we develop customised energy and water solutions and look for answers to questions concerning heat recovery in industry. Our experts have listed the most common options for heat recovery and their suitability for different purposes: heat recovery with heat exchangers, energy-efficient MVR-evaporation, and the use of heat pumps.…

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Industries Energy production

Heat recovery should be harnessed as a driver for reducing industrial emissions

There is a huge potential for savings in industrial heat recovery. If wasted heat were recovered and re-used, both money and the environment would be saved. Particularly large savings could be made in Food & Beverage industries, Pulp and Paper industries, Metal industry and Chemical industry. These sectors need a…

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Concept development of circular economy solutions: how does the process go?

Recovery, or circular economy, solutions help improve industry’s energy efficiency and reduce emissions and waste. Adven plans solutions to boost energy and water processes, without any of the limits imposed by technology, equipment or fuel choices. How does the planning process for a closed-cycle recovery solution proceed from design to…

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Utilities District heating

Municipal energy company Trelleborgs Energi and Adven conclude a collaboration agreement to develop the city’s district heating

Trelleborgs Energi AB has signed a collaboration agreement with Adven stating that Adven will produce all district heating in Trelleborg, Sweden’s southernmost city, over the next 20 years. Adven will take over the ownership of existing production sites and build new plants needed to cover the growing need for district…

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Industries Energy production

First in Prysmian Group, Pikkala cable centre of excellence to become zero-emission plant switching to renewable energy

Adven will replace natural gas with renewable bioenergy at the Prysmian cable plant in Pikkala, Finland. Adven will realize a bioenergy plant for this, which will be commissioned in early 2022. Pikkala bioenergy plant has several environmental benefits and as a result, the CO2 emissions of Prysmian plant also from…

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Industries Food & Beverage

Finnish beer malt will soon be produced in the world’s most energy-efficient process

There is almost always one manufacturer behind the malts of Finnish beers, Viking Malt’s malthouse in Lahti, Finland. Viking Malt Group is building a completely new malthouse in place of the current one in Lahti. Next to the malthouse, Adven implements an exceptional energy solution that has not been seen…

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