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Industries Real estates

The operational centre overseeing the operations of the energy plants anticipates, optimises and resolves alarms

Adven’s operational centre in Vantaa, Finland monitors and develops operations of more than a hundred energy plants round the clock. The aim is to avoid disturbances with proactive monitoring. A significant role is also played in the optimisation of the operations of energy plants. Most of the alarms can be…

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Industries Energy production

Fuelwood is expanding the pellet production – new dryer and bio boiler plant in operation

The pellet manufacturer Fuelwood has started the production on its second line at the pellet plant located in Söderhamn, Sweden. Fuelwood had a need to both expand the capacity and to be able to use various raw materials in its production. Adven has built and financed a dryer and a…

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Industries Metals, Minerals & Mining

Terrafame’s heat production CO2 emissions will soon decrease by 90 percent – again new investments in Sotkamo area

Terrafame and Adven will soon work together to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of Terrafame’s heat production by almost 9,000 tonnes. In practice, a drop of more than 90% in emissions is expected to be reflected in 2021. The new energy plant, which will be completed this year, the recovery…

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Utilities District heating

Siilinjärvi municipality will move for modern district heating

In the future, even more industrial excess heat will be used in Siilinjärvi in heating of houses and buildings. Savon Voima and Adven have signed an agreement in which an even larger part of the excess heat from the production of Yara’s Siilinjärvi plants will be transferred to the district…

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Industries Energy production

Level of hygiene in Suominen’s nonwovens is ensured by steam – prolonged agreement for Adven

Nonwovens manufactured by Suominen can be found in many products that require high hygiene, such as wet wipes, nappies, masks and hygiene products. Nonwoven fabric is dried by using steam and at the same time microbes are destroyed. Suominen and Adven have entered into an agreement extension for steam energy…

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Industries Food & Beverage Material and side stream recovery

Raisio Group’s Nokia mill will be carbon neutral with a new bioenergy solution

Raisio is once again making additional investments in Nokia mill. Adven is implementing a new heating plant at the site, which will use the by-products generated in the mill’s production as fuel. With the new heating plant, Nokia’s mill will be carbon neutral and at the same time energy costs…

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A 100-million-euro investment project for Latvian economy

Ovostar Union Group company GALLUSMAN and Adven are planning to partner-up in a 100 million euros investment project for establishing a modern egg production plant in Latvia with up to 200 new working places. The project will have a favorable impact on the Latvian economy and will create business development…

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Industries Industrial water treatment

Adven is implementing a biogas plant in Hanko

Adven has successfully developed a solution for producing biogas from nitrogen-rich biomass. The planned biogas production will significantly reinforce circular economy in the Hanko area. Adven is planning to build a biogas plant in Hanko, Finland. The feed for the plant is planned to consist of the side streams of…

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Utilities District heating Energy production

Is it a good idea for municipalities to manage their own energy production, or should the money be directed elsewhere?

Several million euros are spent annually on municipalities’ energy production. Other uses could be found for this money, as many municipalities have many development projects to focus on. Municipalities that partner up in their energy production have more opportunities to influence their energy production and the cost of it, through…

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