70% of customers satisfied with district heating

19th January 2024
News District heating

The Adven customer satisfaction survey conducted with district heating clients in Latvia, Sweden and Finland has given us many insights into how customers value us as a district heating provider. Results show that 70 % of customers are satisfied with the provided service quality and district heating as a heating method.

During 2023 we conducted customer satisfaction surveys with our district heating customers in Latvia, Sweden, and Finland. More than 900 customers answered questions on for example service, information and delivery, and the results have given us a lot of valuable information that we can continue to work on in 2024.

Highly valued services and delivery

In all countries, around 70 % of our customers answered that they were satisfied with the provided service quality from Adven. The same results were seen also when customers in Sweden and Finland were asked how satisfied they were with district heating as a heating method. Customers were also asked what the most important things/factors are when choosing heating method, and reliability and low maintenance were valued highest. That’s why it’s particularly pleasing that our customers found our district heating to be reliable.

Customers want to learn more about the energy field

In the survey, there was an opportunity to write free text answers and we are grateful for the over 1300 responses we received. With those answers we were able to get a good overview of what our customers’ needs and opinions are.

In Latvia, our customers’ answers showed that they wanted to learn more about the energy field and tips on how to save energy. Although this year we started to work on some information sharing related to this topic, we will continue to do that next year. Some of the respondents asked to know more about current projects and repair works – information that we will continue to share, especially in the upcoming summer when the modernization and building projects are most active.

In Sweden and Finland, the topic that created the most engagement in the form of free text answers was the upcoming price adjustments. The results also show that we need to be better at communicating about our sustainability work and how we work to be the leading partner in the energy transition. As a large part of the ongoing energy transition work is taking place in our segment that works with tailor-made energy solutions for industries, we hope to be able to share more about that transition with our district heating customers.

We thank our customers for valuable feedback and let’s continue to make a difference in the world of change!