Thermal energy for “Rakvere Farmid” pig farm

Sadarbības partneru stāsti Pārtika un dzērieni

Adven invested approximately one million euros in the new biofuel boiler plant. More than 100,000 pigs receive heat per year.


JSC “Rakvere Farmid”, which is part of the “HKScan” group, is the largest pig breeding company in Estonia and the Baltics. In Estonia, about 640,000 pigs are raised per year for internal consumption, including more than 250,000 growing “Rakvere Farmid”, this is 40% of pigs raised in Estonia. Preserving the environment and low energy prices were the main factors why Rakvere Farmid decided to switch to using wood chips to generate heat.

Adven has been supplying Rakvere Farmid and Ekseko farms with thermal energy for 13 years. As a result of the long cooperation, Rakvere Farmid entrusted the provision of additional investments and energy services to Adven.

Ekspluatācija un ražošana

Adven, together with partners, developed a solution and designed a new wood chip boiler house to meet the needs and wishes of the customer. The new wood chip boiler house is automated and does not require on-site personnel for its operation, the operation of the boiler house is maintained and monitored around the clock by the Põltsamaa Control Centre.

The heat generated by Adven is used to heat the buildings of “Rakvere Farmid”. The woodchip boiler provides 85% of the entire volume of consumption, and gas boilers provide heat consumption at peak loads and maintain backup power.

According to Teet Soorm, Chairman of the Board of HKScan Estonia, Adven Eesti was able to offer an efficiently managed boiler house solution and in cooperation all the risks that need to be taken into account when building the boiler house were considered.

“First of all, both in the construction and maintenance of the boiler house, we took into account the risk of the spread of the African swine fever virus and have been able to limit this risk by also observing as strict biosecurity measures as possible in the operation of the boiler house. We thank Adven for his professional cooperation.” Teets Sorms, Chairman of the Board of HKScan Estonia.