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Discover a culture that celebrates collaboration and continuous improvement.

Welcome to Adven’s Career Stories! At Adven, we are coming together for a future of possibilities. As a dynamic energy group operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, and the Netherlands, our operations are fueled by the collective passion and dedication of our diverse teams.

Each career story is a testament to our guiding principle: Outperforming together. At Adven, you’ll discover a culture that celebrates collaboration and continuous improvement. Our teams are comprised of the best individuals, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise to the table.

We actively cultivate an environment where different people and ideas converge, knowing that the best solutions arise from the meeting of diverse perspectives.

Find out what everyday work looks like for us Advenians. And if you want to join Adven, check our open positions.

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Reaching the best solution together is important to me

I am Ieva Vaivode, and I work as a customer relations manager at Adven. My inspiration is every new customer who expresses a desire to join our district heating – my eyes light up, I open the heating network card and a new offer is being made!

From a thesis worker to a concept team multi-talent

My name is Panu Siirtola and I work as a Concept Designer at Adven. Adven caught my eye in the final phase of my masters studies in energy engineering. At the Energy Fair in 2018 we discussed the possibilities of joining the company to do the master’s thesis.

Thermal engineering specialist Jānis Bāliņš likes efficiency

I am Jānis Bāliņš and I work as a heat energy specialist in the Valmiera team. I am inspired to see how effectively we work – whether the processes and daily work that the technical personnel invest in improving, modernizing, and servicing equipment, are reflected in the production data later.

My work and daily progress give me energy

My name is Raimo Rebo, and I work as a Project Manager in the Assets and Project Management department at Adven. I’ve been working at Adven since 2006.

Concept development turns ideas into energy solutions

My name is Pinja Laaksonen, and I work in concept development as part of Industrial Energy Solutions team. If there is anything that has been the center of my whole working history, it is problem solving and solution development.

The climate crisis made me want to accelerate transition

My name is Karl Asp, or Kalle, as I’m often called. My career began at Adven after studying Industrial Engineering at Linköping University. Currently, I work as a Junior Sales Developer, contributing to sales projects that drive the energy transition.

I manage new energy-as-a-service sales projects

My name is Leo Toivonen, and I work as a Sales Manager at Adven. Sales work at Adven requires good problem-solving skills. It’s important for salespeople to internalize the philosophy of solutions selling, because Adven applies a partnership approach to selling tailored energy service solutions to customers’ identified needs.

Passion for treating water brought me to Adven

I fell in love with water treatment processes at a young age back in Colombia, and now I help Adven’s customers get the best water treatment solutions to the benefit of the environment. I am Angela Eslava and I work as Concept Developer at Adven.

Håkan Roos is always at the “exciting phase”

After four years at Adven, I think I’ve accumulated enough experience to be able to give anyone who’s curious a fair picture of what it’s like working at Adven in general. I am Håkan Roos and I am Sales Project Developer.

Battling climate change motivate me

I am Erja Ivanova, and I have been Adven’s Production Manager in Southern Finland for over two years now. I’m beginning to feel that I can really sink my teeth in developing our production processes.

Adven’s growth journey led me to the Netherlands

How did a Master of Science in Technology (civil and water engineering) end up in international sales and introducing energy as a service model in the Netherlands and Belgium? I am Hanna Litendahl and my desire to learn new things and take on new challenges led me to Holland.

Concept development for customers through teamwork

I am Terho Saaristo and I work as Director of Concepts in Adven Group’s concept development team and am in charge of concept development for new sales projects in the Recovery and Industrial Energy businesses in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

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