January 16, 2018

Three reasons to consider geoenergy for a shopping centre

1. Predictable energy costs

With geoenergy, energy costs are more predictable compared to other energy solutions. With Adven’s model, a fixed energy price can generally be agreed on for several years at a time.

“Customers know that their energy costs will behave in a predictable way and that major variations in energy costs will not occur,” explains Adven’s VP of Geoenergy, Timo Koljonen.

2. Green values and sustainability

Geoenergy is a low-emissions and modern form of energy that can help steer shopping centres towards a greener future. Geoenergy solutions significantly reduce the carbon footprint of shopping centres, as both heating and cooling are generated using local geoenergy.

“Heating and cooling consume considerable energy in shopping centres, which further underscores the importance of the energy solution’s environmental soundness. The electricity required for heat pumps to produce energy can be generated, for example, using green hydroelectric power. This means even an entirely carbon-neutral property is possible, which is a real testament to the environmental sustainability of the solution,” stresses Koljonen.

3. Increase in property value

Real estate investors and owners are increasingly interested in energy-efficient solutions and green values. Geoenergy makes shopping centre buildings more attractive not only to investors and tenants, but also to the shopping centre’s visitors.

“The occupancy rate is projected to be higher in properties that use geoenergy, which boosts the property’s value and appeal in investors’ eyes,” says Koljonen.


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Timo Koljonen

VP, Geoenergy

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