December 17, 2020

This is how we test large impact on a small scale – safely and risk-free

Adven has worked with energy, water and process infrastructure solutions for almost 40 years and throughout the years has gained valuable knowledge and experience that is used in developing new solutions. Sometimes the best solution for the customer’s situation might be based on new technology or the concept is fairly complex. In those cases, we utilise pilot testing which makes it possible to test new and innovative solutions without the customers needing to take on any operational risks.

Achieving goals sometimes require major changes. When it comes to changes in the infrastructure solutions for industries, for instance, water purification or energy supply, both special competence and experience are needed. But, when achieving the goal requires something that has never been done before, there can be question marks, and competence and experience might not be enough on their own.

New technology implementation in a safe way

Pilot testing is a practical tool in cases where the solution or the technology used in the concept is totally new for the customer. For example, customer’s production processes may create such unique industrial side streams that have not been worked with before.

Furthermore, the optimal solution may utilise new technology that requires testing in a particular use case. In some cases, we need to verify the theoretical concept in practise, and eliminate any uncertainties for the customer.

Doing right from the start

The advantages of pilot testing are that both we and the customer know that once the solution or the plant is being built, possible risks are carefully investigated and minimised. If the pilot does not work as planned, we use the knowledge gained from testing to adapt the solution that works as it should. In this way, pilot testing is a flexible method and more risk-free and less costly for the customer, compared to the situation where the solution or the plant is being built without piloting.

Pilot testing can also be used to test new operational methods that have not been used before, and that can reduce the environmental impact of the plant through the reduced use of resources, such as electricity, fuel and chemicals. Pilot testing is simply to ensure that the chosen technology is right, and the solution is created right from the beginning.

Pilot testing procedure

Pilot testing can be utilised in Adven’s sales and concept development process when creating and verifying technical concepts. A pilot can last from a couple of weeks to even a year, depending on what is being tested.

If necessary, we will first take additional samples for laboratory analysis before we test the solution at one of our pilot plants. We can test solutions with several different technologies, such as membrane technology, evaporation and other separation methods. Movable pilot plants are placed on the customer’s premises during the test period so that the future solution or the plant can be tested in real conditions.

There will always be so-called “unknown unknowns”, but these are precisely the ones we are trying to detect and eliminate in the pilot phase. The aim is always to create the best possible solution for our customer’s situation.

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