The remarkable year that was 2022

2nd January 2023
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No one could predict what lied before us. Many things we thought we knew or took for granted was challenged, both in society and to us as individuals. The war in Europe leaves no one untouched.

As a company, we too have been affected. So, when we look in the back mirror – we are a bit surprised and very proud of the things we achieved together. Here’s a few events to appreciate!

Challenges are best handled together. With the ambition of steadily growing, we have during 2022 acquired three new district heating networks.

In Southern Sweden, you find the town of Perstorp with its around 7 500 citizens. Here, we in January 2022 gained the trust to jointly own and develop the local district heating company Perstorps Fjärrvärme AB together with the municipality.

In Southern Finland, the collaboration tightened with the city of Huittinen in early fall. From owning 17 percent of the district heating company – and in practice only being responsible for the production site – Adven is now taking full ownership of the supply of district heating in the city. About a 3-hour drive further east, we arrive at Itti. Here, we by the end of this year agreed with the municipality to take over the district heating business.

Now, we look forward to developing these municipal partnerships and making the cities’ district heating even more secure and sustainable.

Driving the change in times of crisis

This year we have tackled both a climate crisis and an energy availability crisis. The year has put a lot of pressure on societies and businesses, but also directly on people in their everyday life. Many have realized the value of things previously taken for granted – stability and predictability in terms of heating and energy.

During 2022, we have connected more district heating customers than ever to our networks in Sweden and Finland, providing our customers with reliable and sustainable heating at a predictable price.

Becoming stronger together

We often say that we are driving the energy transition, but we don’t do it alone. This year we partnered up with new industrial customers, like Apetit, and strengthened the long-term partnership with for instance Valio and Danone. Together with Apetit, we are building a biogas-based steam plant and we will reuse excess heat from their production – covering up to half of the factory’s energy need. With Valio, we have taken significant steps in several locations in Finland towards carbon neutrality by 2035. With Danone, we are thrilled to change the energy supply from fossil to renewable in Swedish Lunnarp, lowering the carbon footprint of the steam production with 75 percent.

During the past year we have been making difference together with one of Estonia’s biggest dairy companies, E-Piim, as our common project started. We will build one of the biggest boiler houses so far built for an industrial company in the Baltics. Taking a look at the real estate segment, we proudly took part in the opening of the new Lippulaiva City Center in Finnish Espoo, proving that large-scaled geoenergy solutions with low climate impact are possible.

On top of all this, we are proud to have received the Latvian “Green Excellence Award in Energy 2022” that is given to companies that care about the quality and sustainability.

As an energy company, we play an important role in the transition to sustainability. However, we will never compromise the security of supply for thousands of homes, schools, hospitals, factories, and businesses. We do what is needed right now, without losing the long-term perspective.

Shaping a new Adven

Two years after starting the process of coming together, Adven and Värmevärden in November 2022 became one common brand. Although we have grown as company, we keep the “little warmer and little friendlier” approach as a natural part of us. The new Adven launched a new webpage and got common social media channels. To keep likeminded up to date with the latest news and stories about our common journey ahead, we relaunched the Adven newsletter – now also available in English. The energy market may not be what it was, but we still have our eyes set on the horizon.

For 2023, we look forward to commissioning new sites and solutions that will accelerate the energy transition. Together with our 80 new recruits during 2022, we are better equipped than ever to drive the change.

With that said, we wish you all a happy start of the year 2023 from us at Adven!

For 2023, we look forward to commissioning new sites and solutions that will accelerate the energy transition. Together with our 80 new recruits during 2022, we are better equipped than ever to drive the change.