July 11, 2019

Technical concept developer Hampus Bellander

My name is Hampus and I work as a technical concept developer at Adven in Stockholm. I started at the turn of the year, but while being relatively new to the company, I have really got off to a flying start.

Technical Concept Developer, Hampus Bellander

First, a little about my background. Since graduating with an MSc in chemical engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, I have worked in several fields, from heat recovery to gas and water treatment. First at heating plants and later in industry, for example in the mining and paper industries. In other words, I like variety and am always looking for new challenges.

At the turn of the year, I was “discovered” by Adven as they were looking for a person with my competence and experience. For me, it was important to understand the company’s business model before making a decision – and when I realised the potential, it was a no-brainer. I will explain why. I like technology; it is the best thing I know. Adven’s Energy as a service model offers unique conditions for exploring and applying new and existing technology. The long-term perspective of the investments that we make for our customers and the capital available to us (the company being owned by two long-term infrastructure funds) provide us with entirely new opportunities to create smart and more sustainable solutions.

Days that go from one extreme to the next

My workdays include visiting potential customers and understanding their plants together with our sales team, but also looking into nearby plants to find opportunities for symbiosis. For example, does the neighbour have excess heat that our customer could use if we provided an upgrade for them? With this overall perspective, we can combine needs and find new solutions.

I also keep contact with suppliers on a daily basis and work with consultants who support us in cases. Sometimes when new problems arise, I have to read and study the technology in depth. I also make financial calculations to create a feasible solution – as teamwork or alone, in detail or on a larger scale. In my role it is important to be able to perform a wide variety of tasks and to enjoy it. However, from time to time it’s also nice to enjoy a strong cup of coffee with my colleagues. Read more about the concept development of Recovery solutions.

Ask and you will be answered – or find your own answers!

It is seldom convenient to visit our various plants using public transit, so we often have to drive. Today we have electric hybrid cars, which are perfect for us as we mostly drive short distances in the Stockholm area. It was a colleague who once noticed that there was a clear demand for them among our employees – and suddenly it became reality. At Adven any suggestions, opinions and ideas are always discussed seriously.

Our professional development is also largely based on our own initiative. At Adven, you will never get no as an answer, but you have to have the desire to move forward. Personally, I learn all the time by taking on new technical challenges. Although I’m relatively new to the company, I think I can see already opportunities for increasing my responsibilities.

We also have an in-house training platform called Adven Academy that provides training to those who want and need to acquire new competence in various specialist fields. The company has a broad respect for customers’ unique situations and an understanding that there are no off-the-shelf solutions. This means that we must stay up to date on different areas to be able to tailor optimal solutions.

A big company with a small-company vibe

Adven can look back on several decades in the Finnish market. In Sweden, we have been present for almost five years and the total number of employees is currently close to 100. Nevertheless, we are constantly exploring new ground, and I have a strong feeling that we can participate and improve the way things are done. In that sense, Adven is more like a startup company regardless of its size.

The reason why we can stay in the forefront of technology is that we believe in the competence we have to make use of new technologies and applications. Someone has to be first sometimes, and we are glad to be that someone if it is something that we believe can make a difference.

We are constantly looking for new employees for many different types of roles. Would you like to join us and bring your competence to the table? Check out our open positions!

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