May 24, 2017

Shopping center Jakobsbergs Centrum is now energy self-sufficient thanks to geoenergy

Shopping center Jakobsbergs Centrum in Stockholm area is so far the largest shopping center in Sweden converted to geoenergy. Altogether 68 geo wells were drilled underneath the center which now is almost completely energy self-sufficient thanks to renewable geoenergy.

With geoenergy the shopping center’s need of district heating is reduced with the equivalent of heating 400 row houses. Project was realized in cooperation with Citycon, the owner of center, and energy partner Adven.

”Citycon’s sustainability strategy includes new, innovative solutions and geoenergy installation in Jakobsberg has been a successful pilot project. We see now that it is possible to install geoenergy in other shopping centers as well, says Mattias Bernunger, Development Manager at Citycon. As the property owner, we want to act for sustainable development by seeking higher energy efficiency and by greening our shopping centers, and geoenergy is one of the ways to do that.”

”We now deliver geoenergy to Jakobsbergs Centrum as a whole. This is a unique project in a sense, that geoenergy supplied to over 50,000 sqm is most unusual.”

To install a large-scale geo well field, with almost 70 energy wells going 300 meters deep in a residential area, has been a challenge, and I believe that so far such an effort has not been done anywhere before”, says Johan Lönneborg, Adven’s Account Manager.

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