February 15, 2018

In the town of Hanko, Adven’s climate-friendly energy solutions benefit businesses and homes alike

The town of Hanko, at the southern tip of Finland, is home to a cluster of process steam and heating plants operated by Adven. The plants’ close proximity to each other provides synergies for both maintenance and fuel procurement. Any surplus heat from the plants is fed into the town’s district heating network, which is also under Adven’s management.

Three major industrial companies operating in the Hanko region have great faith in their partnership with Adven. For years, the company has provided heat energy and steam for their operations. In addition, Adven manages the town’s district heating network, providing completely carbon-free heating for local residents.

The cluster of Adven plants in Hanko was created at the turn of 2009–2010, at a time when the use of bioenergy in industrial applications was starting to gain traction. The requirements of regulatory authorities had become more stringent, which meant that outsourcing energy production was an attractive and beneficial solution for industrial operators.

The transition from fossil fuels to biofuels required special expertise and, in many cases, a financial investment. The industrial companies operating in the Hanko area wanted to focus their investments on their core business, and Adven’s Energy as a ServiceTM model was compatible with many of the companies’ development plans.

ViskoTeepak: a reduced carbon footprint and savings in energy costs through partnership with Adven

A few years ago, Adven installed a new solid fuel heating plant in ViskoTeepak’s Hanko facility, providing all the heat energy the facility requires. Adven is also tasked with the heating plant’s operation and maintenance, and monitors its operations 24 hours a day.

Before engaging Adven, ViskoTeepak used boilers fired with heavy fuel oil to produce the heat energy required by the plant. ViskoTeepak wanted to adopt a more environmentally sound direction for its operations and reduce its carbon footprint. Thanks to the new heating plant, which uses fuel produced in Finland, the company managed to reduce its carbon footprint and energy costs without any investment of its own.

Forcit handed over the keys to its power plant – and transitioned to a cleaner energy alternative

Another local company that trusts its partnership with Adven is Forcit, the leading manufacturer of explosives in the Nordic Countries. In 2012, Adven’s LPG-fired steam generator started producing process steam for Forcit’s production plant, and the plant’s heating circuit was connected to Hanko’s district heating network.

The Adven-managed solution provided Forcit with an opportunity to transition from its own energy production, which used to run exclusively on heavy fuel oil before the upgrade.

Genencor sells residual heat from its process to Hanko’s district heating network

Industrial enzyme manufacturer Genencor Oy, part of the DuPont Industrial Biosciences group, is another company benefiting from Adven’s process steam solutions. In 2009, Adven helped the company’s plant in Hanko to make the switch from fossil fuels to biofuels.

Suitable for firing both wood chip and recycled wood, the multi-fuel process steam boiler operated by Adven is a cost-effective solution that reduces the carbon footprint of Genencor’s operations. Today, the steam used in the company’s process is almost exclusively produced using biofuel, and any waste heat from the process is fed into Hanko’s district heating network to be used by the local community.

The town of Hanko: district heating with zero CO2 emissions

Early in 2010, a biofuel-fired district heating plant operated by Adven was started up in Hanko. For the most part, the district heating required by Hanko residents and companies is produced by firing wood chips from Finnish sources. Thanks to Adven’s heating plant, the local district heating production is entirely free of CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, in order to increase overall energy efficiency, any surplus heat from the processes and energy production of local industrial plants is fed into the district heating network.

Synergies for fuel procurement and maintenance planning

There are many benefits to operating several plants clustered closely together, especially in terms of fuel procurement and operating staff scheduling.

“The location of our Hanko facilities is such that the transport distances for the fuel we order can be quite long. We optimize our fuel orders and deliveries based on the needs of all our plants in the Hanko region,” says Supervising Operator Thomas Nyholm, who is responsible for operating the steam boiler in Genencor’s production plant.

In addition to Nyholm, Adven’s plant cluster in Hanko employs two other operators: Supervising Operator Risto Palviainen, who is responsible for the ViskoTeepak and Forcit plant, and Lars Ekebom, who manages the Hanko region district heating network.

“Lars is a local boy, and his extensive local knowledge is highly beneficial for organizing servicing and maintenance for the local district heating networks,” Nyholm says.

The functions of the three plants are not directly connected; however, as the plants are clustered closely together, it is only natural to create maintenance plans together and consider preventive maintenance as a larger whole. Furthermore, it is a simple task to schedule vacation days when there are skilled colleagues nearby, and being able to consult locally makes solving difficult problems easier.

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