September 23, 2021

Hybrid energy for properties – more than geoenergy

Property owners are under pressure from investors, tenants, and the public to save costs and help battle climate change. That is what we hear from everyone in the business.

Since energy use is a major factor in the life cycle costs of a property, becoming more energy efficient is a no-brainer; cutting energy use means lower costs as well as a smaller burden on the environment. Throw in renewable energy sources, and a big step has been taken to solve the problem.

Many businesses come to us looking for geoenergy solutions, as they already know of their benefits, but many still perceive them as something just for residential properties. This is not the case; we have implemented large-scale solutions on fairly cramped plots and big properties, such as shopping centres. Solar energy is also well known, but other solutions not so much.

A hybrid solution tailored to the needs of the property could harness, for example, the condensation energy of a grocery store’s cooling equipment. If there are waterways nearby, we can look into exploiting their thermal energy. We have a case where the river next to the property is connected to the energy solution. And then there are air-to-water heat pumps – another technology to supports the hybrid solution, should the geoenergy potential be too small on its own.

We always try to come up with the optimal hybrid solution for each property, taking into consideration its size, location, use, plot, and possible thermal energy sources in the property or in the nearby area.

And what can we achieve? Carbon neutral energy solution with lower energy consumption and considerable cost savings.

Compared to traditional solutions, we can provide significant reduction in carbon emissions, supporting our clients in reaching their sustainability targets. One of these can be certifying the property according to BREEAM or LEED, making the property more attractive to potential tenants.

Cost savings start accumulating from day one, as in our Energy as a Service model, we always find the most cost-efficient solution and the property owner does not need to make any investments in the energy solution ever again. Typically, we can reach 10% cut or even more in energy costs.

We also make it easy for our clients. We take care of the planning, implementation, investments, operation, maintenance, and continuous development of the energy solution.

So, if you are building a new property, renovating an existing one, or just interested in making your property more cost-efficient and sustainable, give us a call!

Anssi Juvonen

Sales Manager

Anssi Juvonen, Sales Manager of real-estate energy solutions helps the customers in the segment to meet their sustainability targets and gain savings.

Anssi is an energy service professional who helps properties reach their sustainability targets through energy solutions, finding the right combination of energy sources for each property. For him, this is an important and concrete way to increase the use of renewable energy and promote carbon neutrality while making energy solutions easy for the client.

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