Every workday is like a new beginning

31st May 2024
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My name is Mārtiņš Buldurs and I work as a Boiler House Manager in Cēsis, Latvia. I like every new daily task and challenge, the solution of which turns out to be more complicated than it initially seems – it “throws” me out of my comfort zone, makes me excited and I am eager to find the most appropriate solution. 

From the heating unit specialist to the boiler house manager

I was born and raised in Cēsis, Latvia, so my daily life has almost always revolved around the Vidzeme region. I also received my first education in technical sciences – a first-level higher professional degree in mechatronics – at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Although after obtaining my degree I went to work in the capital city, a new job offer brought me back to Cēsis. In 2015, I started working at “Cēsu siltumtīklos” (currently – Adven Latvia) as a heating unit specialist. I learned a lot from experienced colleagues, developed and became an energy specialist. Later, when Adven began to take over the management of the company, the production manager Egils Kampuss entrusted me with the duties of boiler house manager. It could be said that with the beginnings of Adven in the Latvian market, my adventure as a boiler house manager also began. 

Now, my main daily responsibility is to ensure continuous operation of the boiler house – to plan the daily life of the technical staff, including various maintenance, improvement and maintenance works, and to analyze production data. I am also responsible for implementing and maintaining the energy management system in all Adven production plants in Latvia, including educating employees about good energy management practices in their daily work. 

No day is ever boring

I would say that one of my job duties is to be informed about everything at the end of the day – what was done today, what was successful and what was not, and what still needs to be worked on and thought about. Then every next working day is like a new beginning, where we are always looking for new answers and solutions. 

I also strive to make my daily life outside of work interesting. For example, I go fishing, walk along nature trails, and explore other interesting walking routes. However, my long-standing and closest hobby to my heart is folk dancing – this year marks 20 years since I started dancing. I am happy that I can dance folk dances together with my colleagues as well, and this summer we all met at the Dance Festival. 

Patience and calmness – the main qualities of a boiler house manager

As I said, my daily life is never boring, so it requires to some extent not only the ability to stay calm but also to be patient. Sometimes the production processes and daily responsibilities are very challenging, and it is not uncommon to experience stressful situations, but patience and the knowledge that I have a strong team allow me to stay calm. My inspiration comes directly from the team and our collaboration skills, which result in excellent performance and high-quality work. I take pride in and appreciate this every day. 

For me, Adven is also characterized by respect for the employee, responsibility for the client, and customized solutions, but most importantly – sustainability. I believe that through our work and daily choices, we can implement solutions that will serve us in the long term and create valuable changes that will also be experienced by future generations.