December 2, 2020

Employees at Adven value fair leadership, clear expectations, and responsible operations

Annual employee survey at Adven Group revealed not only record-high results, but also that our people know where the company is heading and what is expected from them, are enthusiastic about their work, willing to recommend the company, and see Adven as their preferred employer also in the future.

The employee survey took place in September 2020 and resulted in an all-time high response rate of 91%. The responses from 360 Adven employees in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia provide a representative view on where Adven stands as an employer and what it is like to work in Adven in the eyes of our employees. The survey was conducted by Accountor.

Efficiency and commitment on a high level

Compared to the 2019 survey, the results show great improvement in Adven’s efficiency profile, which depicts how well an organization can utilize its personnel’s result potential in daily work. The efficiency is an outcome of strong enthusiasm and clear direction, meaning that people have a clear view on the set expectations and where we are going, as a company and as individual teams, and they feel passionate and enthusiastic about their work.

Personnel with high rankings in both direction and enthusiasm are called contributors to the company. The share of contributors at Adven is 73%, which exceeds the industry average by 20%. With this result, Adven is well on the way to reaching its ambitious target of 80% contributors by 2024.

The results show that trust in Adven’s success is on a high level amongst personnel. People are committed and proud of Adven’s products and services. According to Accountor, compared to external benchmark Adven stands out in giving recognition for a job well done and management team showing appreciation to everybody’s contribution. Other factors strongly connected to employee commitment were Adven’s capability to constant innovation and development, the company’s values realizing in everyday life, solution orientation and a positive approach to work.

Progress in all areas and results above benchmark

“It is great to see the good progress we have made practically in every area on a group level, there was only one statement slightly declining compared to previous year. Especially during these quite unusual times, I am very happy to see the big share of contributors and the level of commitment amongst the employees. I am also very proud to see that Adven stands out as a company against the external benchmarks, as in all statements where benchmark is available Adven exceeds the industry averages. For me, these results are a sign of things going in the right direction. We want to continue this positive trend and improve even further in order to be able to recruit and nurture the best talent also in the future”, says Jyrki Vainionpää, CEO Adven Group.

“I believe Adven will be successful in the future.” (4,43)

“I am enthusiastic about my work.” (4,19)

“The goals and targets of my work are clear to me.” (4,35)

“My superior is fair and just.” (4,38)

“All employees are treated equally at my workplace.” (4,15)

“Adven operates responsibly as a company (social, economical, and environmental responsibility).” (4,23)

*) In a scale of 1 – 5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest grade.

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