June 19, 2018

Ecological geoenergy increases the appeal of luxury holiday destinations

Green values and sustainability are rising trends in the hotel and tourism industry. International hotel guests with an interest in clean Nordic air and nature value eco-friendliness. For hotels that use clean heating, geoenergy is not just a selling point for customers, it is also a financially smart choice.

Travelers are increasingly interested in eco-friendly tourism operations, and a growing number of consumers are choosing the most environmentally friendly options that are available. Tourists who appreciate clean Nordic nature are especially drawn to eco-friendly accommodation.

Winter cold increases the carbon footprint of hotels

Energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint have become an increasingly important part of the sustainability efforts of the lodging industry. In northern latitudes, heating and cooling of large properties may pose major challenges to achieving environmental certificates and reducing the carbon footprint.

In addition to heating, a hotel’s lighting, laundry operations, water efficiency and electricity consumption are important factors that make up its total carbon footprint.

Focusing on environmental matters also brings financial rewards. Ecologically sustainable solutions and technologies improve the energy efficiency of large buildings and lower their operational costs.

Financial savings with geoenergy

Geoenergy is still often associated with household heating, but it is also very well-suited to large properties.

Adven offers companies geoenergy or various hybrid models for clean heating as a service, which means the property owner does not have to make any separate investments. This lowers the threshold to switch to an eco-friendly form of heating.

Adven handles the implementation of the geoenergy solution in connection with the property and is responsible for its operations and maintenance throughout its life cycle.

Consistent heating at a consistent price

The price of geoenergy is not tied to the market price of oil, nor to electricity transmission charges, but instead remains at the agreed level for the full 15-20-year contractual period.

The consistency of heat delivery is also important particularly at luxury holiday sites, where customers have high expectations.

“The priority for our customers is being able to offer their guests a high-quality, enjoyable setting. The importance of eco-friendliness is growing steadily also in companies’ strategies and decision-making,” says Timo Koljonen, Adven’s VP of Geoenergy.

“The tourism industry’s interest in our geoenergy solutions has clearly reached new heights over the past two years. Our experiences of the geoenergy and hybrid models used by hotels have been a great success,” he says.

Case Harriniva: Renewable heating energy even in temperatures of -40

Finnish Lapland boasts the cleanest and freshest air in all of Europe. This is no exaggeration, as there is even a survey center that measures air quality in the region.

In that tundra landscape, along the shores of the Muonionjoki River, also lies Harriniva Hotels & Safaris. In the northern municipality of Muonio, temperatures range from +20 degrees Celsius in summer to as low as –40 in the winter.

From oil to clean heating with no investments

There were, however, some gaps in Harriniva’s story, which highlights purity and nature. The holiday center was using 200,000 liters of oil a year to heat its premises. Harriniva’s high season is in winter, when the need for heating is greatest.

The holiday center wanted to take better care of the clean nature so admired by its guests, however, and began to search extensively for a suitable, greener heating alternative for the large premises. They finally found the right solution together with Adven. A total of 14 kilometers of geowells were drilled into Harriniva’s terrain.

“There was a lot of drilling, but the entire construction phase went really well, and our customers were not even affected by it. Construction came up against some layers in the soil that were difficult to drill through, but Adven managed the job with flying colors,” recounts Harriniva’s Director of Business Development and shareholder, Niina Pietikäinen.

Eco-friendliness is a day-to-day matter also in Arctic conditions

Adven’s solution has made it possible to discontinue the use of oil, and Harriniva’s air is now even cleaner for tourists.

“The geoenergy has worked well and reliably, and I don’t think the customers have even noticed a difference from the days of oil heating. We have kept them warm,” says Pietikäinen with a laugh.

“I warmly recommend geoenergy to other owners of large properties. It’s the word of the day. And if it works in our Arctic conditions, it will definitely work anywhere,” assures Pietikäinen.

Case Vanajanlinna: Reining in the castle’s maintenance costs with geoenergy

Vanajanlinna, a luxurious hotel and travel destination in Hämeenlinna, offers a unique setting for hundreds of corporate and private events every year.

The castle is an historically valuable property that has been placed under protection as a building heritage site by the Finnish Museum of Antiquities.

The appeal of this valuable travel destination will receive an additional boost when the hotel and its adjacent golf course, along with their related services, switch to ecological geoenergy in their heating and cooling.

“During their visit, many of our guests find themselves wondering how much it costs to maintain an old and valuable castle. We get asked that a lot. We are proud to be able to say that this historical site is heated with clean, renewable geoenergy,” stresses Pekka Vihma, the CEO of Vanajanlinna.

Prerequisites for geoenergy in place

Heating an historical site is no easy task, and an eco-friendly and renewable form of heating was a long-standing goal for Vanajanlinna. Adven’s solution meets the company requirements in terms of eco-friendliness, costs and security of energy supply.

The Vanajanlinna area had all the prerequisites in place for introducing geoenergy. The area contained a suitable layer of bedrock, with no groundwater areas in the region. Linna Golf Course, situated in the immediate vicinity of the Vanajanlinna Hotel, will also benefit from the geoenergy solution in its operations and services.

“Geoenergy is a cost-effective heating solution for hotel-sized properties. It will also improve the eco-friendliness of our operations and reduce our carbon footprint,” Vihma sums up.

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