At Adven, crises can also be solved calmly

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I am Nataliia Rosenberg, and I work as a Lead Specialist at Adven. I was motivated to study thermal engineering by the idea that heat is always needed in our climate. This means we also need specialists who can plan, build and operate boiler houses and thermal networks. I am happy about the choice of profession that I made back then. I feel calm and confident here, because even if there is a crisis, I know exactly what needs to be done.  

The work of the Lead Specialist

In 2019, I moved to live in Estonia and applied for a job in Adven. At that time, I was unable to get a job due to lack of Estonian language skills, but I took up my language studies, and after a year, on my second attempt, I got a job as a specialist in the operational center. Today, I work as a Lead Specialist in the operational center, which means that there are now more duties and responsibilities. I am now responsible for the processes in the operational center, I also train new employees and make sure that all the necessary skills are given over. In the operational center, every working day is different. I am very happy with my new role and that I accepted new challenges 

Wide task list in the operational center

In Adven, the operational center plays a very important role, as it gathers a lot of  production information, as well as problems that need to be solved. We solve 90% of the problems through a remote monitoring system, as we have a full overview of all production units. Sometimes it is necessary to direct the operator to the site or communicate with people from other departments to get a solution.

The overall task of the operational center employee is to monitor, manage, communicate. On a daily basis, it is necessary to check the operation of the boilers according to the indicators, respond to alarms, monitor the fuel residue and, if necessary, order more fuel. The operational center makes it possible to operate boiler houses more optimally, because it is not always necessary for an employee to go to the production unit on site. 

Normally, the first half of the day is faster. The second half of the day is somewhat calmer and it is necessary to monitor, above all, the alarms. There is also some communication with the customers. It is important that regardless of the content of the call or the character of the caller, we always remain calm, businesslike and friendly. 

Life at Adven 

It is very motivating for me to be able to solve problems at work. Even if there is a crisis, I feel calm here, because I know exactly what needs to be done. I admit I take extra days, as I like my job so much! 

I like Adven as an organization – processes are in place, smart and helpful people work here, and do what they know the best. It’s good to work here and I’m always happy to come to work.  

Even in smaller teams, I see that people are in friendly and good relationships, and there is a predominantly positive atmosphere here. A good example is that since I am currently taking Estonian language courses, and if I sometimes ask for help with some new words, my colleagues always help me so that I would know Estonian better.  

I believe that being a positive, friendly person myself, it is much easier to find a common language with others.