October 11, 2019

As Operations Manager, I support Adven’s growth one energy plant at a time

My main task is to ensure that our energy plants operate cost-effectively with as little disruption as possible. It is my job to create optimal conditions for my team members to fulfill this task.

I joined Adven in October 2015 as a Shift Supervisor. The tasks sounded interesting and suitable for me, even though the energy sector was not familiar to me. I live in Mikkeli, a town in Eastern Finland, but I wanted to accept the job at the Heinola power plant, which is in Southern Finland. My commute is over 100 km, but I enjoy my varied job and sometimes I also make use of the opportunity for remote work.

Operations Manager, Matias Lipsanen

Adven has grown rapidly in recent years. I see the growth not only in new plants but also in major investments in existing ones. Expansion has stabilised operations and brought us visibility – I can see in my day-to-day work that people are increasingly aware of Adven.

In four years, my area of responsibility has grown along with Adven’s growth. Today, in addition to the Heinola power plant, I’m also responsible for the other power plants in Southeast Finland. At the beginning of 2018, I became Operations Manager in charge of the Heinola power plant, the hydrogen power plant located on Kemira Chemicals’ site in Joutseno, the district heating plants and networks of the municipality of Parikkala, the Hamina and Nastola plants and, more recently, Kotkamills’ black liquor evaporation plant and Taipalsaaren Lämpö’s bio boiler plant.

The energy sector offers a broad spectrum of tasks

In practice, my work includes plant maintenance, production-related matters, various reports and measurements. At the same time, I supervise the plant operators. In addition, I keep in regular contact with, for example, production managers, electrical automation and development, and of course our customers.

My job profile is varied. I also get out of the office, and there is a good balance between office work and practical work. I and my colleagues have a lot of freedom at work. Although I spend 2–3 days a week travelling to our different plants, it is easy for me to reconcile work and personal life. The mobile office in the car also works well!

Adven supports employees’ competence and development

What I especially value in my current job is that the employer supports the development of its employees. Safety is a priority for us, and the sector is also subject to strict regulatory supervision. This is, for example, one of the reasons why Adven values an enthusiastic attitude towards learning and supports employees by providing them with opportunities for further training. We have been offered, for example, the opportunity to complete the further qualification for power plant operators approved by The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, Tukes, which aims at a machine engineer qualification certificate.

I have a Bachelor of Engineering degree. I have completed the machine engineer qualification while working and am currently studying for the specialist qualification for chief engineers. In addition, I have acquired competence in the energy sector by completing energy technology courses and several operational supervisor certifications. Adven encourages us to participate in this kind of education, and I have also been able to complete courses during my working hours.

I also learn something new at work every day. I work with many different people, and they provide me with help and support as required, while at the same time learning more myself. This support brings a feeling of safety, and learning new things is gratifying.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is to see that when problems or disruptions occur, we can always resolve them. Finding a specific fault in energy plants is not always easy. Sometimes the disruption can be caused simply by a defective valve or a small defect in logics. This requires patience, but once the problem has been cleared, you feel like a winner!

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