March 20, 2020

An enormous willingness to grow, build, improve and optimise our existing plants

My name is Mattias. I am 33 years old and live with my partner and our two daughters in a small house in Lomma outside of Malmö. For me, in addition to spending time with my family, technology is my favourite thing in the world. I’ve worked in the energy industry my entire career as an operations supervisor, manager, engineer and technician. I was trained as a marine engineer and have spent some time at sea.

Plant Manager, Mattias Mikkelsen

In autumn 2019 I felt it was time to try something new and put myself to the test, so I applied for a job at Adven. Company values matched with mine and Adven’s focus on improvement and the opportunity to take on more responsibility really spoke to me.

Careful planning and an interest in technology

Me and my team of operations and maintenance technicians are responsible for 17 plants from Laholm in Halland to Österlen in eastern Skåne. Because the plants are so spread out geographically, we need to plan our work carefully.

We operate several different types of plants in our region, which makes it interesting. They include both large and small boilers, different technologies and types of customers from housing cooperatives and schools in Svalöv to an industrial plant in Lunnarp.

I am incredibly interested in technology, which is important because it enables me to identify opportunities for optimisation and to take initiatives. Part of my job is, of course, administrative, but a fundamental understanding of technology is essential to be able to manage the plants in the best way possible. My interest in technology is also evident in my free time because I like working on my moped or car.

Focusing on innovation

There is a major focus on development and innovation at Adven. Right now, for instance, we are talking to a customer about an interesting conversion to fossil-free energy and to another one about the construction of a new district heating network in the region. My job is challenging, but I get to be involved in creating excellent technical solutions and that is what matters most.

Best in our industry

I like our ambition to be the best at what we do. We need to be at the forefront and there is an enormous willingness to grow, build, improve and optimise existing plants. We don’t just build plants and then sit back on our laurels or operate them without optimisation. We take responsibility for the entire chain from design of the concept, operating the facility and developing the service further.

At Adven, I can see and impact the big picture, from start to finish. At huge companies, employees do their bit, whether it is operation, automation or maintenance. I have overall responsibility for everything from the environmental permits to operation and maintenance. Everything has to work!

I have a great team. They have heaps of expertise and take the initiative, identify problems and find solutions. Our team became complete in January, and we now have an exciting year ahead of us.

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