January 12, 2021

Adven is putting its ambitious emission reduction targets into practice through an environmental improvement plan


The purpose of Adven’s existence is based on environmental responsibility and solving the climate issue is an integrated part of the strategy. Adven Group’s environmental improvement plan considers carefully how the goals will be implemented in actions.

“Environmental thinking is not a separate function for us – our entire operations are based on it. We believe in sustainable development. Our energy and water solutions generate positive environmental impacts,” says Katja Baumgartner, Adven’s Environmental Manager.

In its strategy work a few years ago, Adven set the goal of reducing CO2 emissions from both its own and its customers’ energy production by 200,000 tonnes by 2024. This objective specified the environmental improvement plan, which, in practice, is an implementation plan for reducing CO2 emissions.

“The plan has been developed in collaboration with specialists and management. The target was based on an evaluation of the actions that would have the greatest impact on mitigating climate change. New investments in sustainability was the key there”, says Baumgartner.

Adven has two ways to reduce its own and its customers’ emissions to mitigate climate change:

  1. Adven reduces emissions from its own energy production, for example in district heating, by switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and by improving energy, water and material efficiency.
  2. Adven develops its customers’ water and energy supply in a more climate-friendly direction, for example by converting to biofuels, reducing steam consumption through more efficient evaporation, or by replacing heating and cooling with carbon-neutral geoenergy.

“If we focused only on our own operations, the impact on society as a whole would be smaller. Now we look further and despite that designing and implementing solutions takes time, we see the greater impacts,” Baumgartner stresses.

Concept development seeks resource-efficient solutions for the future

In addition to climate change mitigation, Adven’s environmental improvement plan includes three other elements: resource efficiency, limiting pollutant emissions, and compliance and safety.

Raw materials and energy are used as little as possible to produce a resource-efficient solution or service. The concept development team is constantly finding new solutions that focus on energy, water and material efficiency or the circular economy and identifying these opportunities in Adven’s customer processes.

“An environmental perspective is always built in when we discuss the key goals of the energy projects with the customer or define the processes related to them. No management can ignore environmental issues any longer, and other types of investments are not even wanted in the current scenario,” Baumgartner believes.

The focus in limiting pollutant emissions, is on flue gas cleaning and converting boilers or fuel to be in line with new EU emission limits by 2030. Compliance and safety, on the other hand, mean that environmental issues are a part of everyday leadership and daily operations. This means, among other things, the continuous improvement of chemical safety and emission monitoring.

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