August 8, 2019

Adven’s geoenergy service brings 20% savings in Vanajanlinna’s properties

Vanajanlinna, which was built in the 1920s, is a popular hotel, event venue and golf resort in the south of Finland. Since last year, its buildings have been heated and cooled using geoenergy instead of natural gas. The conversion has also made Vanajanlinna’s carbon footprint significantly smaller, reducing its carbon dioxide emissions by 90%.

New energy solution brings EUR 30,000 in annual cost savings

Adven implemented the new sustainable energy solution in two parts: both Hotel Vanajanlinna’s properties and Linna Golf’s golf resort received their own energy centres and geothermal wells.

The extensive investment was completed in autumn 2018, and energy deliveries to the golf resort and the hotel properties started before the winter heating season. The energy renovation of Vanajanlinna’s main building was carried out in accordance with the Finnish Heritage Agency’s construction regulations.

The project was completed on schedule. Vanajanlinna’s employees were pleased about the conversion, and the repair work did not cause any inconvenience for customers.

“The switch from natural gas to geoenergy was completely painless. There were no hiccups during the conversion, and heating and cooling have been working the way they were meant to. In fact, we did not notice the change at all – except in savings,” says Vanajanlinna’s Managing Director, Marko Majamäki.

The investment has proved to be very profitable. According to Majamäki’s estimate, the savings translate to around EUR 30,000 a year.

“Compared to the earlier energy form, the annual savings will be around 20 per cent. The biggest savings are created during the heating season in winter. In summer, when thermal energy consumption is smaller, we save in cooling costs,” says Adven’s VP of Geoenergy, Timo Koljonen.

Carbon footprint of heating approaching zero

The switch to geoenergy is also an important climate action – it reduces Vanajanlinna’s emissions by close to 90 per cent. According to Koljonen, the reduction corresponds to the annual carbon dioxide emissions produced by approximately 200 passenger cars.

“We can pride ourselves on having close to zero emissions from heating and cooling. Our operations are now almost carbon-neutral, and heating and cooling have become a significant part of our sustainability efforts,” Majamäki says.

He is pleased with the co-operation with Adven. Adven has helped Vanajanlinna move in the right direction by showing initiative and professional competence.

“Co-operation with Adven has been excellent. Adven has competence that we don’t have. They have shared their expertise with us and been active in proposing and planning improvements that we would not have even thought about ourselves. Adven has been an active and committed partner,” Majamäki says.

Sustainability is a key element in Vanajanlinna’s brand, and it shows: old furniture is restored, local produce is favoured and leftover food is recycled whenever possible. Switching to a greener energy solution was a natural step.

“Many have already been impressed to see how an historical building has succeeded in utilising a modern, sustainable energy solution. Sustainability is an important value for us and part of our brand. Our customers and partners also increasingly value sustainable operations,” Majamäki sums up.

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Timo Koljonen

VP, Geoenergy

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