Roadmap for zero work-related injuries and world-class safety culture

Ensuring safety at work is vital for us. We want all our own personnel, contractors and our guests to be able to return home safe and healthy. We evaluate the risks of our work methods and work environment, and risks are effectively acted upon.

We have encouraged our personnel to actively report safety observations and improvement ideas – in 2019 we made a new record in the number of reported observations and an impressive amount of effective improvement actions were executed based on the reported observations.

We believe that the human factor is crucial in managing safety as it is not possible to remove all risks from the work environment by technical or procedural solutions. People need to think about their own and other people’s safety and the risks related to their work and make the right choices of work methods, equipment used, personal protective equipment and other risk control methods applied.

Therefore, we see that it is important to train people and to keep safety in focus in all communication and day to day practices. We also want to share our lessons learned throughout the Group. We prepare Safety Alerts that are translated into all our languages and shared to all teams in the Group.

Adven has prepared a plan for the coming years as a road map to a world class safety culture. There are elements to make sure that we get all personnel, contractors and other relevant parties onboard and working together to take our safety culture to a world class level. As one example, we have committed ourselves into Adven’s Life Saving Principles that contain ten golden safety principles related to high risk activities at our production and construction sites and safe practices that can be applied both in operational and office tasks every day.

Quality, safety and environmental aspects are taken into consideration in all our operations. Our operations in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia are certified by a number of ISO and local certificates. Visit the local websites to find out more.