Employee engagement supported by HR priorities

At the heart of Adven’s human resources function are four focus areas that we have named to be our HR priorities: resourcing and employer branding, competence and leadership development, as well as performance management.

We cannot achieve our target of being the best in a world at our business unless we have the best people, and through development and good management of these priorities we are constantly working for keeping and attracting the best talents. Every employee is an investment for our company – one, whose value we intend to grow. We want to make sure that our expertise is constantly evolving.

We are proud to say that employee engagement at Adven is very high, and that is something we aim to cherish. We support our employees’ work-life balance by providing flexible work arrangements, and we take care of their wellbeing by offering wide health care system and providing support for recreational activities. We want Adven to be an attractive place to work for the best talent.

Competence development

Within Adven’s Energy as a Service® model, we have identified three strategic capabilities as key to our success and ones in which we want to be the best in the world. These strategic capabilities are successful integration of all the elements of the Energy as a Service model, concept development for tailor-made energy and water solutions as well as operating customer critical processes. Read more about strategic capabilities.

To be able to successfully integrate all the elements of the Energy as a Service model, we have defined the competencies needed in every function we have. To achieve our targets, we want to focus on developing these competencies. We provide every employee with wide training opportunities as well as on the job learning, to increase our internal knowledge sharing.

We have launched Adven Academy, a group-wide in-house training platform that consists of trainings primarily held by our own employees. We believe that all our employees have competencies to share and Adven Academy is the platform to do it.

Leadership and performance management

In employee engagement we emphasize most of all the importance of leadership. The aim of the leadership at Adven is to support our employees’ growth and success. We encourage our supervisors to lead by example and to be present in the daily work of our employees as well as to give a voice to every employee.

We see that performance management is also an important way of motivating and engaging our employees. In the previous years we have developed the process and incentive model not only to attract and retain the best people within our industry, but also to help employees know what is needed to be successful on the job and to achieve our strategical goals. In target setting the objectives are always cascading from group level all the way to the individual. With that we want to illustrate how our employees’ work contributes to the success of Adven.