Environmental policy


Environmental thinking is an integral part of our everyday operations. We believe in sustainability and aim towards being the leading provider of energy products and services with low environmental impacts. Our focus extends beyond our own operations into those of our customers’. We tailor our solutions to offer genuine environmental benefits.

We aim to be a part of the solution to climate change. For us sustainability means solutions that improve energy, water and material efficiency. We strive to develop ways of utilizing renewable and recovered energy sources and invest in making their use more efficient. We take care to protect the natural environment surrounding us by preventing harmful pollution in our everyday operations.

We comply with legislation and regulations that set the minimum requirements for our operations. We are committed to exemplary leadership and to providing the necessary framework and resources to ensure that environmental regulations are followed. Our employees and those working in our facilities are responsible for taking initiative and following instructions to ensure compliance.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impacts and risks related to our operations systematically and continuously.

Our environmental principles

• We utilize technology to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities.
• We evaluate and manage environmental risks to prevent accidents and to limit impacts to the environment.
• We comply with all legislation and regulations that apply to our operations.
• We provide training and guidance to support our employees and others working in our facilities to abide by these requirements.
• We report and investigate accidents and incidents in order to learn from them and to identify improvement needs.
• We communicate openly and truthfully about environmental aspects and impacts.

This policy covers all Adven Group facilities and business units. This policy is made public and communicated to all employees and others working for or on behalf of Adven Group.