At Adven, we are driven by a purpose to create advantage in energy for business, people and planet. We strive to be part of the solution to climate change and believe we can make a difference with every sustainable energy solution that we find, build and run together with our customers.

Adven has prioritized its ESG targets within as lower carbon footprint, improved occupational safety, as well as capability development and employee commitment. In fact, these three targets are also the three out of five strategic targets that Adven aims to achieve by 2024, thus ESG targets being a high priority at Adven.


We believe in sustainability and aim towards being the leading provider of energy products and services with low environmental impacts.

For us, sustainability means solutions that improve energy, water and material efficiency. We strive to develop ways of utilizing renewable and recovered energy sources and invest in making their use more efficient. We take care to protect the natural environment surrounding us by preventing harmful pollution in our everyday operations.

As an example, over the past nine years (2012–2020), Adven has succeeded in reducing carbon dioxide emissions from its energy production in Finland by 37 per cent (in relation to energy sales). This means roughly 80 kilos less carbon dioxide for every megawatt hour sold. Adven’s long-term approach to reduce emissions include, among other things, switching to renewable energy sources and improving the efficiency of our plants.

Aiming for 200,000 tons reduction in CO2 emissions during the next five years

Almost all Adven’s investments improve sustainability by cutting CO2 emissions of either our own energy production or customers’ emissions. In fact, climate change is one of our strongest growth drivers for Adven. We will focus our future growth on sustainable energy production, energy efficiency, resource efficiency and utilize new but commercially proven technologies to solve our customers’ needs.

In majority of our investments there is a strong link to sustainability goals. At the very early stages of the sales negotiations we introduce the opportunity to convert or implement new, lower emission energy options, and we continue the discussion of new opportunities along the whole lifespan of the agreement.

Adven has set an environmental target and our goal is to reduce 200,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions through our own operations. In 2019, Adven Group’s CO2 emissions were 370,000 tons. The goal includes not only measures in our own energy production, but also everything we do to reduce our customers’ emissions. This approach takes well into account our growth-oriented goals as well as our normal long-term business logic.

Adven is putting its ambitious emission reduction targets into practice through an environmental improvement plan. Find out more.

Learn how Adven has helped its customers in reducing their CO2 emissions:

Valio, the largest dairy producer in Finland, is curbing its use of oil and peat at one their key productions sites in Finland, and bio-based fuels will cut emissions by 17,000 tons a year at the site. Read more.

Adven’s geoenergy plant will cut the shopping centre Skanssi’s, part of CBRE asset portfolio, carbon dioxide emissions by roughly 90 per cent, as geoenergy production is almost entirely carbon neutral. The reduction in emissions corresponds, on an annual level, to the carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 450 passenger cars. It would take some 230 hectares of forest to bind the same volume of emissions. Read more.

“Adven was the only partner who was able to manage the whole chain and we enjoyed advantages from day one: cost savings, 40% less steam, total energy reduction of 30% and decrease in carbon footprint.” – IFF, FinnFeeds Finland. Read more.

One of Adven’s key accounts, Terrafame, is currently building one of the largest battery chemical production lines in the world. Excess energy streams of Terrafame’s hydrogen plants will be utilized in the production of process steam required by the new battery plant. A new technology to be implemented will generate an estimated 72,000 MWh of wasted energy recovered, equivalent to about 2,500 single-family homes per year. Carbon dioxide emissions are estimated to decrease by 11,900 tons per year. Read more.

Quality, safety and environmental aspects are taken into consideration in all our operations. Our operations in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia are certified by a number of ISO and local certificates. Visit the local website to find out more.